Behind Glass

Walking out of the conservatory at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens I was struck by the views of plants behind glass. It triggered a thought process- could this be the future of gardens? Not a hyper technological sanitized bio bubble dream but a clunky rusted, algae and condensation riddled reality.

It reminded me of the beat up dented spaceships in Ridley Scott's Alien movie. Would walking home past giant glass wrapped apartment buildings be like this with fleeting images of ghostly shadows and mournful decaying leaves that the indoor gardenbots forgot? Then again how lovely to buzz through the glass door of my apartment complex into an orangerie in the depths of winter.

Then I became aware through the camera viewfinder, when it cropped out discernible shapes of plants - compelling abstracted colors and textures. The blurred greens, dark shadows and reflections in the plate glass became abstract paintings confusing the organic with the architectural. When I got home I noticed that I had inadverdently captured a few images of myself reflected in the glass and have decided to bookend this series of images with those blurred self portraits. It captures the immersive, nature of the moment when one is at one with the subject.

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