As the frost free date draws closer, I stifle an inner chant - get back outside. Its much the same every year, except this year its different. Its not just an impatient mantra, no this year 'get back outside' is a slogan.

Gardening is now officially - activism. Michael Pollan tells us that gardening commingles our identities as consumer and producer and citizen. Folks, we are smack dab at the front end of a good ole cultural movement. Where once there were greasers, beatniks, hippies, punks, hipsters we are now an army of gardeners and urban farmers jostling at the starting line to dig up lawns, plant vegetables and grow flowers. Naturally, as a graphic artist and t shirt designer my service to the revolution is to provide what every pop culture moment requires - a message t shirt. So here is the first in a series of rad tees for the summer of 2008- get back outside.

But wait- don't buy this t shirt unless you need one because less is more.

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