Hot Botanical Nerds

Thanks to a recent op ed by Maureen Dowd, I now can't get the term 'hot nerds' out of my head. I shed a tear on reading that both from laughing hysterically at the word pairing and from joy that it could possibly be true - please let it be true- that we may now be in a new era where smart people are - hot. Hallelujah.

So when I come across the top 100 Botany Blogs which is not exactly all experts and Ph.d's and not exactly all botanists and not all actually blogging (a couple stopped in 2006), but there's certainly enough material here for me to manufacture a thought bubble that reads 'wow, hot botanical nerds'. They're here. My google reader will shortly runneth over. Posts like this about foods that are only eaten when the plant is diseased are just blowing my mind and I know that tonight I will very likely be dreaming about a shrub with beautiful cracking fruit.

I happened to come across the link by accident on discovering a blogger, nycgarden, whose resume includes artist, gardener and who lives in NYC, (all of which are also incidentally, hot). Love all the posts about weeds.

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