Next September

I need to start reminding myself that I need to do some planting at the beginning of the season that will make some impact later in the season. The Mamaroneck garden looks best early in the season, then it goes a little off in July, although it was a little better this year and comes back strong in August when the Japanese anenomes peak then September sort of falls flat. So for next September, I must, must, must try and get some asters like the ones above which were almost magenta. The color intensifies with a red neighbor, I like the salvia but I loved the red tassel flower. I like Russian Sage but I thought it might too whitened or cool in color to look good with all the warm tones but this combination changed my mind- I can just see that now- the sage next to the berberis behind the Sedum. I think I like the texture and structure mainly, at this time while things are getting a little floppy. All images were taken last September at NYBG.

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