Tangled up in Blue

In the recent edition of Bloom that I mentioned before, there's an article called Grassland- with transportive images of grassy meadows full of flowers tangled up with tall grass. Typically this is always a riot of mixed color but when I saw this section at the NYBG, I saw the posibility of keeping that flower and grass pairing to a restricted palette - in this case some kind of blue grass and a blue mistflower. This could be really interesting in a container - if you don't exactly have the room for a meadow - so I've been poking around looking for ideas. The color combination here of limes is cool. A dark combination could be interesting- a chocolatey knautia or cosmos with chocolate sedum and a chocolate carex. I noted this picture in a book on Highgrove of Camassias which look gorgeous in that meadow setting. Some great books on the subject Piet Oudolf's Gardening with Grasses and Christopher Lloyd's Meadows. You can get a hefty not so limited preview of both those books if you search for them on Googlebooks.

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