Blue Prints

I recently uploaded in OGMedia a collection of cyanotypes from the New York Public Library of British Algae by Anna Atkins. I've been drawn to the aesthetics of this collection for a while now, loving the graphic quality of the images as well as the interesting range of blues that results from this process. Maybe I'm drawn to the similarity of the hues to old indigo textiles- which similarly range through all kinds of permutations from Cyan to Prussian Blue. These are a couple of graphic studies created digitally in photoshop that I've been working on and want to continue to explore. Photographically I need to take some more images with the specific needs of this mind- it needs high contrast, fine details. The image on the left is in fact from an old engraving but the one on the right is from photographs of the bronze fennel I took last summer. I also like the combination of faded labels and hand written text - it might be interesting to work on a series of blue flowers or grasses in this style.


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