Digging Dirt

"The love of dirt is among the earliest of passions as it is the latest"
Charles Dudley Warner

Last week I started reading My Summer in a Garden by Charles Dudley Warner whose opening paragraphs sing the praises of dirt and digging. Then, Ann Raver's article conjured up a sensual earthy start to spring, smelling the earth and feeling it between her fingers. By the weekend I was jonesing to do the same, curious to see if, as she decribed the earth was 'like chocolate cake'and ready for planting.

It turns out, like life itself, it wasn't all chocolate cake there were some gummy wet balls to contend with but we dug, added compost crumbled with our bare hands sifting out stones (still after all these years). The next day I did it some more. I don't think the vegetable beds have had quite this much of a work out and probably never been this level. I planted two rows of spinach in the larger bed and decided not to risk the peas- they'll go in later. The smaller bed awaits the cold frame already built and waiting for a coat of paint.

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