A Garden Invisible

I'm riffing on the title of Jonathan Silvertown's book An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds to both celebrate the mysteries of the seed, a subject that filled my weekend and also to put some perspective on the ambitions for this summer. No, nothing quite as grand as an orchard, but a garden for sure- definitely the kitchen garden and a little of the flower garden.

I was up at Mamaroneck this weekend with the primary goal of delivering some tomato seeds to Noah, boy gardener wunderkind who says he can get tomatoes to eat in May. We'll take July. Fingers crossed we get some hefty seedlings that can make a difference- last year we didn't have tomatoes until mid August.

Then I got Jim fired up about rustling up some old school wooden seed trays. He fell hard for this idea adding his own fancy to make a cold frame with some windows he has leftover from work. Why not add some new climbing structures for the beans and tomatoes, I said sketching up the the 4 post structure I saw at Wave Hill. We headed out to the potting shed and the vegetable beds to measure and Jim scribbled down a whole bunch of numbers. I can just see it all now, in my mind's eye, the garden invisible, for now.

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