Little Packets

On the left, images culled from a 1930's seed catalogue -the dream- plump nutrient dense vegetables, ordely rows of fresh produce. On the right, the reality, my assemblage of seed packets old and new. The half rolled ones actually signifying the most potential, the proven members of the bunch - carrots, swiss chard, beets to name a few that actually grew, actually made it to the table last summer. Then there's the bunch of black flower seeds bought on a whim, that I never got round to planting. This years additions are a little more thoughtful, with a little more research behind them - peas and spinach intended for early cool weather planting. Then there's the really old stuff- ancient sweet peas, purple beans, wild rocket, chinese forget-me nots from random impulse purchases - will they actually sprout? Prepared with seed starting information I recently gathered, I'm off tomorrow to Mamaroneck with my little packets.

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