Pine Beauty

It was a beautiful day in NYC today. I went down to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and even sat outside to enjoy my lunch and the sunny weather that climbed upt to 60 degrees. I saw some lovely things outside but inside the bonsai room there was something that really stood out. Was this here before? It's not the first time I've been here. Nevertheless, it really stood out this time. I'm not a fan of bonsai - all that pruning and forcing- but the results I can appreciate and this specimen has a few things that I really like. I like it when they overhang the table they are on, it just looks particularly spectacular. Then I like the really substantial trunk which of course needs everything else to follow through harmoniously and this really does to me. Lastly, I like the pot, it really stood out from all the other terracotta ones. Even the wall which always looks so dull and gray looked right behind the green pine needles and even that shadow - a bold modern shape is the perfect juxtaposition for that ancient tree.

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