Daffodil Prelude

Someone confessed to me once that she had a hard time with birthday parties when she was little. She could not deal with them ending, would start to become depressed about it midway through the party and invariably had to be carried home in tears. I think I feel a little like this about spring. The wait seems too long, and the season too rushed before it erupts in to a frenzy of flowers.

I'm sure it's not like this now but a couple of weeks ago, the Daffodils on Daffodil Hill,BBG were an example of how I would prefer things to be. Spring is also about green and I enjoyed the amount of young green leaves here, the warmer tone of the light and flowers but not so many that it feels like the party is almost over.

Soundtrack: Prelude in C# minor from Between two worlds by Maya Filipič

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