N.B. Shape, Color, Direction

Sometimes you see things and they sink a little deeper, they make the formidable leap from that's nice and how beautiful to I must remember this or I must do this. Here are three such things from the visit to BBG the other day. First, there were these sculptural shapes for plant support like half finished woven baskets. Genius. I must start collecting miscellaneous, twigs, branches, vines to have a go at this. Then at the children's vegetable garden I saw the massive heaped vegetable beds and the soil was just so incredibly black and rich looking. I already know this, the plans to grow cycles of vegetables in Mamaroneck including under the cold frame for extended periods is going to require more than the casual amounts of compost we add every year. This year composting needs to be s.e.r.i.o.u.s - this picture of heaps of rich fertile soil will now be my aspirational ideal. Lastly, I nodded my head, admiring all the uniform plant labels, I think they were paint stirrers ( I like that they were larger). They even went to the trouble of making it clearer to read by writing vertically. Duly noted. All those random ones written with different colored sharpies I've been sticking into the vegetable beds are history.

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