New Digs

It wasn't until the end of last summer that the potting shed was completed with the counter and double sink recycled from the kitchen renovation. So, this is the first gardening year that it's being put to use. This past weekend I was in there a lot, watering all the trays, planting new seeds, sorting out labels and generally pottering in and out of there. After some trimming and pruning, I decided to plop some shorter trimmings of spirea flowers into a small container to decorate my new digs and I realized right then and there the joys of a potting shed.

It's not so much a home from home, more like a satellite station, a little island of a space dedicated to the pursuit of gardening. I love the functionality of it, the big counter space, things are in one place, I can wash my hands, stick things in water and then of course, there's the new ability to start seeds and be able to manage that more easily.

Outside, the cold frame was installed, so I planted beets, carrots and lettuce. Even though it was little later than planned it still gives us 3 weeks or so before the frost free date and an advantage on the growing season. It's amazing to think what we are potentially going to be able to grow in there over the year. Looking at Mayzie peer into one of her preferred spots for bone burying, I realized this was going to help avoid some trampling and maybe other critters from getting in there and devouring the new shoots.

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