Smells like something I Know

I was milling around the lilac grove at BBG and like most everyone else there, was transported, eyes half closed, nose lifted enjoying the aroma of the lilac blooms. I couldn't help being struck by a recurring comment by three different groups of younger teens/twenty somethings "wait, that smells like something I know". "It's the Lilacs" said a helpful stranger, who then engaged the young couple in conversation and encouraged them to go enjoy more examples in the fragrance garden. Three more teenagers stopped, wondered aloud and walked on. Dude, there's labels right there underneath. I was surprised how quickly their curiosity dissipated. "I know" said a voice from the third party", "I've smelt that in the Body Shop". I was just reading an article that said too many children don't know where vegetables come from. I guess some also grow up only knowing fragrances via retail stores. Well at least they were outside.

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