Verbena Notes

I love Verbena Bonariensis. I love the lanky stilt stalks - see how they catch the evening September light here ( taken at the NYBG ). I tried last year with seed sown directly into the beds. Nothing showed up. I had them in my London garden and they were phenomenal, tall, thick clumps but still airy and lacy and able to thread through all kinds of other plants. Note to self- research this a little more and try again this year.

I also love the smell of Lemon Verbena, which is in the same family but a different plant Aloysia citriodora. It's my regular soap, and occasional candle. It's the primary botanical scent that gets me through the winter and without doubt its uplifting properties are a big help. I always pass it over when shopping for herbs for my Harlem window sill because it grows fairly large and shrubby. Note to self- grow it in a large terracota pot this summer in Mamaroneck.

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