Garden Abstract Study #2

I know I declared my intent to start a series of garden inspired abstract paintings back in October of last year and not much has been reported since. The update is, I haven't actually started. But, I have made some progress. Small though it may seem, I have made the all important decision, if only to me, of what the exact shape and size these paintings are going to be. Square and 12 x 12. I always sort of knew that I wanted them to be square but it took a little processing to decide that I want them to be small and about color. A smaller size is actually more suited to the medium (encaustic) as you have more control on a smaller work surface. In the meantime I thought I'd mark time by showing you the second study I made a while ago. Now I have to get over my work hump - busy until mid February and then, well, lets see.

More abstraction over here.

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