White Corner

I have yet another 'section' in my garden that has endured a shuffling and reshuffling of items, starting life as a repository for 'undecideds' whilst I tinkered with the other sections. Gradually though an idea of sorts emerged and it is now my White Corner. It is literally a two sided corner with its main idea initiated by plants that I've inherited from my Dad's garden which include a white Jessamine, white Bougainvillea, white Gardenia Jasminoides, and an assortment of white vareigated foliage plants.

I inherited from the previous tenant a Wrightia Religiosa, pictured right and then went on to purchase Jasmine Multiflorum, pictured left, Clerodendrum Calamitosum,  and also Vallaris Glabra. Apart from the Bougainvillea - all the other white blooms are fragrant which is the other defining feature of this corner. Other non scented white flowers are Wrightia Antidysenterica and white Madagascar periwinkle both not doing terribly well which needs some looking into. Doing ok are white Ixora and Eucharis grandiflora.

This idea of scent has also informed some further development in this corner as I want that scent to 'envelop' the visitor to that corner, so I'm now trying, with the help of some recently purchased bamboo poles, to create an arbor of sorts for the Jasmine to clamber over. One side of this 'corner' is a bamboo fence that encloses a covered dining patio which also provides a vertical growing space.

The other side of this corner is a walled bed which contains more foliage elements - notably Acalypha Siamensis, a Strobilanthes Crispa and Syngonium Podophyllum all of whom started out rather modestly but have turned out to be quite thuggish. Not a bad thing as I need the space filled for now but it requires a fair amount of cutting back. Along with the white flowered weed Mikania micrantha at the back that helps to cover a wire fence, I'm looking to slowly displace them with other things as the bed matures. Except the Acalypha which I clipped into a ball shape and looks quite interesting.

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