It Lives

My poor Schlumbergera. Desperate to bring a little cheer into the gritty industrial live/work loft in Williamsburg that I moved into six or seven years ago, I brought home a heavily blossomed, Christmas Cactus. I remember thinking how brightly its fuschia pink flowers looked pressesd against the window glass that kept out a few inches of snow piled on the ledge outside. And then I don't remember it blooming again until a couple of years ago in a reshuffle when it got a prime window spot again. It didn't bloom this year I guess because I didn't feed it or nurture it. I must make amends even though I liked it just as much without the flowers. "Look, this is what I'm capable of", it seemed to say, when it bloomed again. I am committing myself to it's better care. You will be repotted dear loyal Schlumbergera and you will not just live but thrive.

Speaking of Williamsburg, I was just there the other day.

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