Three Ideas

There are three ideas in this photo, not taken at my apartment, that I need to work on right away. Its a little humbling to admit to finding inspiration in somebody else's laundry room, but in my defence, an A-list interior decorator was involved in the casual but artful tableux you see above.

Idea #1: Get some bulbs and put them in an interesting pot like the mirrored ceramic ones pictured. I like that the container also echoes the material of a close by object like the stainless steel bread box.

Idea #2: Grow something in water in a glass vase - the roots create an interesting feature as does the addition of a cane for plant to grow up. The casual placement of drawing or art piece behind really adds an interesting visual layer.

Idea #3: Get some moss- it looks great in the potted orchid in the back as well as in the bulb pot.

Its also interesting, if you're interested in feng shui, that there's a nice range of elements featured here- earth/ceramic, metal (both new stainless and old rusted/yellow painted, water, and wood (bamboo canes and old abacus). There's also an interesting pairing of new upward shooting energy with downward rooting energy.

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