Compostucino ~ Manhattan Blend

I stumbled across this random piece of information and thought - great idea, I'll keep all my used coffee grounds (in fact not Starbucks but Wholefoods Organic Pacific Rim) in a jar right next to the coffee maker. Surprising how quickly a two cups a day habit can add up. The story doesn't end there, I then went to the compost stand at Union Square Market where they sell bins and worms and enquired all about the NYC Compost Project. I think it might be doable, a plastic bin tucked under the sink, with a bunch of worms in it, but I wasn't completely ready to commit to it that day - but I did walk away with some very well priced, beautifully packaged, already composted compost. I'm stoked. I hate those white vermiculite things in commercial potting soil that I always buy in a desperate last minute effort-they just don't look right.

In other NYC news ~ Spring is being shipped into Manhattan.

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