The Park in Winter

I woke up this morning to bright sunshine streaming in through my bedroom window and I thought to myself- I must go to the Park.

Central Park is just a hop skip and a subway ride away. Exiting at 110 th street takes you to the north end of the park where the ice rink is. Today I walked all the way from there to the Ritz Hotel at the southernmost end and I was on a mission- I wanted to look with new eyes at the landscape thanks to an inspiring article in the New York Times about Piet Oudolf.

I was surprised to see a fair amount of green in the park, a lot of buds, and a decent amount of shoots. I enjoyed the stark silhouettes of bare branches, long rippling shadows, soggy patches that glittered and the visual chaos of dead grass and tangled branches which I must admit did look a little better back lit or contrasted with a berry or two or a rich brick wall.

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