Still Life with Cherry Branches

In this clip, Alice Waters speaks of her friend David Masumoto's gift to her each spring - a box of peach blossoms from his orchard to give her a sense of what's to come. This resonates with me. One of the great things I enjoy, is the flowers, branches and vegetables that I bring home from Mamaroneck. Enjoying them in my home not only connects me with the the gardening activities I enjoyed the day I brought them home, but also the social activites that same day with my friends who own the garden.

I rarely buy cut flowers for this reason- I don't have a connection to their provenance. The only exception is spring branches from the farmer's market. I go there often enough to feel a familiarity with the stalls and the vendors there and I like very much the spirit that underlies their enterprise. I love the simplicty of the presentation- tied bundles stacked on a table. And so I brought home a bundle of cherry branches and look forward to their dramatic transformation from bud to blossom.

Outside, a Witch Hazel blooms along Riverside Drive.

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