A View of Trees

With the recent media about the Billion Tree planting initiative by the UN and the follow up in NYC of ten thousand trees soon to be added to the Manhattan landscape, I couldn't help thinking back on this view of trees, pictured above taken at Wave Hill last summer. The view is from the cafe terrace, dominated by this one majestic tree. I took quite a few photos of this view but wasn't really struck by any of them- none of them seemed to evoke the actual experience of the moment.

Coincidentally I happened to come across this week some photogravure images with a really blue/green cast and decided to process the images along these lines and I really like the result. Its more dream like and more dense. It feels more like the actual experience of being there when a view like that encourages you to slip away from focussing on the details of your surroundings and you drift into random thoughts and memories of other days like this.

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