American Beauty ?

Tuesdays are free at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden so faced with a list of chores to do that entailed running around the city, I decided to start off the afternoon by taking advantage of this perk. It was a beautiful fall day, I wondered while enjoying my afternoon ramble why I don't just do this every week, its so easy to get there - it's on the subway that's closest to me.

Some of the best photos of the day were of this Beautyberry, and how could they not be. Its name could not be more accurate- this is one photogenic plant- a real beauty. I question if it is the native American Beautyberry only because there was no label for it. There was one for the Japanese Beautyberry that was right next to it and I could see the visible difference in the leaf shape but I can't tell if it isn't Bodinier's Beautyberry which is more common in Europe.

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