Too Little, Too Late

Timing, as they say, is everything. My delayed return to tend the vegetable garden resulted in unthinned carrot seedlings that had gotten larger than desired. I frantically pulled out an assortment of root sizes. Hopefully the remaining ones will grow to full size. The 'harvested' ones range from tiny to small with one medium.

The cauliflower looked odd. It was pinkish and the florets weren't tight and compact as I'm used to seeing. Not having grown one before I thought it worth checking. Isn't google just an amazing tool for gardening? Apparently this cauliflower is woolly and blown and has been harvested too late.

Thankfully neither of them were either too little or too late to enjoy eating. Both were entirely delicious. Half the carrots I ate raw in salads or as a snack. Half I poached with some other vegetables to make a light stew - they looked quite gourmet whole and tiny with a little bit of stalk left on. The cauliflower I was little more wary off, but turned out to be equally delicious. Half of it, I sauteed with bacon, garlic and chives, with sage and red chillies also from the garden. The other half went into the vegetable stew.

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