Li Edelkoort, an influential trend forecaster publishes Bloom, an inspiration magazine (there's also a book) with a horticultural bent. The latest issue is titled Enchanted and is full of images and ideas on this theme, including secret gardens and fairies. The first thing thing I thought of when I asked myself what that word conjured up, was this photo I took at Brooklyn Botanical garden. I vaguely remembered this dreamy scene with a mass of roses but when I actually pulled it up to look at it again, I realized there were a couple of other things that enhanced this.

The first is the overhang of rambling roses which creates the idea of looking through something, to another place, it heightens the idea of a vista or something special beyond. There's also this sense of wildness, always important in a garden to evoke that element of chaos. Then there is just the exuberance of the mass of roses and the color is just wow.

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