More Pink Berries

Working on my last post, the Hydrangeas in snow, I realized that snow really cleans up the background making it much easier to isolate the subject and do all kinds of manipulations with it. So, with a nice snowfall from the last few days, I set off for Central Park, to gather more material. I did in fact get some great images to work with, interesting stark shapes against white backgrounds but focussed as I was in finding more monochromatic subjects it was with some surprise and joy to find this clump of pink berries. You know I love pink berries, these were plumper. I have no idea what the shrub is, it does have a trailing habit that reminded me of a cottoneaster. An essential part of that moment unfortunately I have to leave out, they were growing just under a bridge and while looking at those pink globs, there was a delicious soundtrack of rushing water.

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