New Year Carrots

Sometime in late December I realized I had forgotten to tell Heidi to pull up the remaining carrots which I should have harvested back in November. Oh well I thought, too late. On New Year's day I went up to Mamaroneck, a delayed Hoilday visit since I couldn't make it for Christmas. "Did you pull up the carrots?" I asked, I forgot to tell you to. They did. Good. I stayed overnight and the next morning ventured out to see what was going on in the garden, more about that later, but I spied in the vegetable beds some carrot greens in the snow, albeit collapsed. There were about eight carrots of various sizes that had missed being harvested. Last week I find a five dollar note walking in Central Park, now this. I re lived the same broad grinned thrill for my second windfall. I had gone to the market after finding my five dollars, so potatoes from there and these carrots went into a lamb stew. I savored my delicious good luck and am very open to the concept of things happening in threes.

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