Vertical gardens have been a frequent subject of late in the gardening press, I noted this one back in June that credits French botanist Patrick Blank for popularizing this. I also saw this contraption at the NY Botanic Garden, which looked interesting and I wondered how it could perhaps be reimagined for a spot near in my apartment. Turns out its, despite its simple construction, it has quite a bit more going on.

But verticality as illustrated by the above image taken at the Brookln Botanical Garden also has old school expressions and there is no better reference source for that than Getrude Jekyll's Wall and Water Gardens which I am adding today to my vintage book collection. Saxifragas and Iberis are couple of the many ideas she has in there for plants suited to growing in a vertical wall. I think the blue flowering plants in my photo are in fact very aptly named wallflowers or Erisimum.


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