Get Black Krim

I planted a couple of Black Krims back in 2007 and loved their flavor. Last year I replaced them with Black Japanese Trifele, which were good, but tasting Black Krim again from the farmer's market underscored the decision to put it back on the planting list for this year. I started seed as well as getting Noah to start some - hoping for the ginormous plants that he's capable of getting.

Things didn't pan out that well. Although we got some awesome plants from Noah that were big and healthy as expected, we don't know what they are because Noah forgot to label them. The ones I started, turned out puny. I decided to plant all of Noah's substituting one of the eight plants with the puny black krim, with a plan B to maybe replace it if I came across a better sized plant from the market.

Out of the blue, I receive an email from Nanette Maxim who writes the Gardening 101 column for Gourmet magazine expressing interest in using one of my photos for an article she is planning about tomatoes called Tomato Maniacs. I'm thrilled of course that she did end up using the photo and included a lovely recommendation for this site. I'm also now a fan of this column, I learnt a lot from her article on soil science and that link to the tomato terrine blew my mind a little.

The photo was of those 2007 Black Krim plants which has now propelled plan B into - get Black Krim. Right away. Thankfully, my favorite tomato plant source Silver Heights Farm had a couple today and they were huge, healthy specimens. They'll go in this weekend - better late than never.

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