AKA vegetable garden thinnings. Although micro is not a bad description since that's what they are- teeny tiny. Which means usage is limited to somewhere betweeen a herb and a vegetable simply because there's not really a whole lot of them. Since some of them were spicy- mustard greens, arugula this sort of worked out in a salad more about potato and white beans. I'm not complaining, they were delicious - I even packed oh about a half cupful of the precious little things including delicate yellow flowers of bolted bok choy, to bring back to NYC.

There is a new marketing of microgreens going on- its no longer the hottest new restaurant salad trend - that's so 2002. Now its houseplants you can eat. Just grow them on your kitchen counter. In fact grow them in recycled soda bottles and save the planet as well.

Wait. There's something to this. They aren't going to grow much bigger because of the light thing so its more of a dedicated crop as opposed to a thinning. I already do a fair amount of sprouting. This seems like a natural evolution - urban homestead countertop microfarming. Stay tuned. Meanwhile outside the kitchen window, I have one pot wrapped in fencing to thwart those wretched squirrels with basil and chillis. Lets' see how long that survives.

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