Paranoia and Revenge

Those carefree days of pots on the kitchen windowsill are gone. It's now a scene of urban paranoia - my pots are wired to protect them from the neighborhood thugs who not only sticky finger vegetables but pull out herbs too, who knows why, frustration? kicks? I'm talking about those local hoodlums da squirrlz that terrorized me last year. Ok, I should be aware that they are part of the whole living creatures thing, so let's begin this civilly this way and I'm not growing anything tempting in there to get them all hopped up like last year.

Recently up at Mamaroneck, I found this guy dead on the lawn his neck ripped. The theory was he had been dropped by a local hawk- it had happened before. I must confess, I couldn't help letting out an inner primal scream for this token of bloody revenge for my lost harvest of 2008 - Yesss! Mayzie, who spends her life chasing squirrels outside, quite oddly didn't want to have anything to do with it. Weirdly, the squirrels in Mamaroneck are quite civilized, they take the odd tomato, take a bite and then leave the rest in the nearest terracotta pot.

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