Spinach Fail

Epic Fail. They sprouted and almost immediately bolted. I made it up to Mamaroneck this past Wednesday, a single dry day sandwiched into the monsoon weather we are experiencing here and I'm glad to report that, the spinach is the only real bad news so far in the kitchen garden. In fact dinner that night included a salad for five from the garden. Our first course was also harvested from there, pasta with shrimp and a variety of asian vegetable leaves and pea shoots and tiny little carrots- I think we had one each- all in a buttery lemon and sage sauce.

The directly sown Mediterannean Cucumber, Purple Beans and Blue Lake pole Beans have all emerged. I swopped out three of the tomatoes with the strapping new ones I brought up. Things look good and aesthetically too. The vegetable beds have not been quite as packed as they are now so they look quite lush. Some twigs from the lilac pruning add a little rustic charm as supports for the snap peas and I ended up using short lengths of 1 x 1 as labels which makes it all look organized. These labels were scraps leftover from Jim's excellent new frames for the climbing vegetables. He followed the design that I saw at Wave Hill to make them, I'll have pics up when things get going.

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