Williamsburg Rose

I came across this image last night - beautiful climbing old fashioned pink roses, eden rose perhaps? They are particularly memorable becasue they grow not in some rural cottage garden but smother a rusty chainlink fence that surrounds the outdoor eating area of a diner in Williamsburg. The folder it was in tells me it was taken around the same time a couple of years ago which then makes me curious to know if its still there and blooming. So off I go to Brooklyn today, it's been a while since I was last there. It's my old neighborhood and I always like to visit and see what's going on there.

Coincidentally the Renegade Craft Fair was on in the park and I took a look around. It's grown significantly since the last time I went, handmade things are clearly getting very popular, as is Williamsburg. Its changed, way more people, more restaurants, more sidewalk tables- even the skyline is noticeably populated with a lot of new condo buildings. In a way it's not a bad thing, it makes for more urban gardening - there were more planters, window boxes, potted plants decorating the many restaurants and entrances to new loft buildings. At the Craft fair, artisans worked with all sorts of recyled materials and natural materials like bark and antlers, they are inspired by owls and bees and assorted creatures, and there were many, many botanical prints. Nature is fueling a creative spike.

Were the roses still there? Were they blooming? Yes.

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