How Will Your Garden Grow?

Back in 1998 I bought a computer- a Mac. I patiently waited for AOL dial up to get on the internet, struggled through a manual to learn Photoshop and breathlessly read Wired magazine's predictions about what this all meant for the future. Would all this technology really allow me to unplug myself from the corporate world, create a micro enterprise, self publish and interact with people in extraordinarily new ways. Yes, it really did. Certainly not as quickly as the pundits were predicting and no fortunes have been made - yet. I have this strange deja vu feeling that there's a change cycle about to happen again and I got that feeling shortly after I got my droid phone.

Just through the filter of being a gardener and more importantly as a gardener blogger- I get this sense of a sea change of how I might be doing things. I'm late to the party- couldn't quite get worked up about the iphone but now that Google are tearing into this I'm so on board. It's probably going to be awhile before the apps arrive where I can identify edible wild plants but I can already scan a bar code for a seed packet and search for a better price online or google something right that minute outside (and I like searching with my voice- not typing). I can get surprisingly good results with the camera. I just downloaded an app that turns it into a voice recorder. I love being able to read emails on a subway platform or flipping through something pretty.

Its not just phones, its tablet type things too- things are changing, everyday. What I do in a garden, how I create garden inspired content is going to change in 2010.

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