Turquoise 15-5519

I just got round to noting Pantone's color of the year for 2010 - Turquoise 15-5519. My first garden related thought about the color was- Kyles' pot. Kyle, an artist friend living in Rhode Island that I visited while on vacation this year had the most beautiful collection of ceramic pots dotted all round her house all of which I photographed badly- they were all blurry except this one- the large turquoise planter she had strategically placed in front of her orange front door. Her painterly eye coordinated an eclectic mix of plants with a palette that worked particularly well, lit by the evening sun.

I like the implications of this color for garden inspiration because it suggests ideas for spaces adjacent to the garden and those indeterminate spaces between the inside and outside- turquoise planters on porches, a painted or tiled wall, a courtyard, outdoor furniture and also using a focal color accent. I also like that it suggests more exotic locations- Chinese ceramics, Moroccan tiles, Caribbean Shutters.

Flower colors that complement would be tomato reds, oranges through to yellows. Wouldn't currant tomatoes and swiss chard and nasturtiums look yummy in a turquoise pot. Foliage with a blue cast like succulents would work well and I'm really liking how that black coleus looks in the photo.

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