There will be Seedlings

I'm determined that there will be a lot of growing from seed this year. We have a new potting shed for peat's sake. I'm researching the subject like crazy right at the moment -it will happen. Meanwhile before Black History Month slips away, here is an excerpt from Paul Dunbar's (my apartment buiding is named after him) delightful ode to The Seedling.
As a quiet little seedling
Lay within its darksome bed,
To itself it fell a-talking,
And this is what it said:

"I am not so very robust,
But I'll do the best I can;"
And the seedling from that moment
Its work of life began.

So it pushed a little leaflet
Up into the light of day,
To examine the surroundings
And show the rest the way.

The leaflet liked the prospect,
So it called its brother, Stem;
Then two other leaflets heard it,
And quickly followed them...

Yesterday, I was Down by the Riverside.

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