The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed is under construction. The walled garden beds that I spend most of my time gardening are in front of what used to be the old barn and stable. The barn was demolished and replaced by the cottage like building that now stands there. It houses a large garage and storage area on the ground floor and above it a space that I've been using as a studio for the last few years. The storage space downstairs has always been designated as the potting shed. Jim has stored the wood slats that originally lined the walls of the stables and the living quarters upstairs to one day furnish this space- and that day has come. The slats which were different colors depending which floor they came from have started going up on the wall and the carpenter has arranged them in this intriguing variegated stripe pattern that is now under debate whether it should be left as is or have a light wash applied. A sink and work space will be installed so as you can imagine, I am excited at the prospect of the entire project. In fact earlier this year I took a couple of shots of the potting shed at Wave Hill to file for future reference. Lets see how our novice attempts at growing from seed will turn out for next summer in our new fancy quarters.

Along with the wood slats, Jim also kept the original door to the upstairs living quarters, which will be the door to a small under stair storage space. The door is scrawled with a glimpse into the past- a tenant of that space clearly had a turn of events that he felt worth recording for posterity. It's hard to decipher all of it but it basically recants how he was discharged in 1911 after a drunken binge. I'll update if I find out more about this.

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