Activating Yin

Despite all this talk of spring the weather in NYC remains fairly chilly. My trip up to Mamaroneck last week was largely spent - not in the garden. Its currently over run with workmen and machines as they work on the new extensions to the house. Even the potting shed is out of bounds - it's now become command central for the construction team and warehouse for random displaced furniture. We did manage to plant some trays of seed. Fingers Crossed. I brought home some cut branches of pine which propelled a little bit of activity in my dining room.

The room has somewhat of a green bias mainly because there is a large green abstract painting of mine on the wall. As you can see, I am also clearly drawn to green objects as I have a steadily growing collection of green ceramics and those cloth bound flea market books, hmm they're green-ish too. Those pine branches are in a glass vase, on the window ledge behind the curtain. As the sun gets higher I begin to get more light and those branches throw some cool shadows- but I will only enjoy this in spring as the giant air conditioner will fill this space come summer to fend off the NYC heat.

One thing follows another- I score an inexpensive Alocasia from the Home Depot which performs morning duties of moody dark green silhouettes aginst the silk curtain. I want more. This afternoon I open my bedroom window, reach out and cut some twigs from the oak tree just outside thats beginning to bud.

It needed to be three things - the pine,the elephant ears and the oak twigs. The number three, the color green, glass, water, bud, leaf,twig, branch- Yin energy is activated. Winter Yang- begone.

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