Hyacinth, for real

According to Chandler Burr "no hyacinth exists in natural form in perfumes". Amazing, since its a note in some of the most well known ones from Estee Lauder's White Linen to Chanel No.19. This would apparently be the scent of phenylacetic aldehyde, hydroxycitronellal, cinnamic and phenylethyl alcohols, terpineol and phenylethyl acetate and more.

Right now, my hyacinth, a gift from a friend , is exactly how I like it. The flowers somewhere between bud and bloom and the scent only there when you are close. I definitely see how the scent is described as 'green'- and understand why it's considered in aromatherapy to be uplifting and a remedy for grief. It's almost exactly what's needed at the end of winter. Not just a hint, but a war cry of what's to come. I also understand as more of the scent is released and becomes more strident how people can find it overpowering or induce headaches. I'll probably have to move it into another room in a day or two. In any case, its for real.

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