Manhattan Spring

There's some unique aesthetics of springtime in Manhattan that I really enjoy. One of them is the renewed presence of private 'gardens' in the city. There are some real jewels as the one pictured above found on a street of brownstones in West Chelsea. There's also a certain look to them with their backdrop of paint or masonry- in taupes and terracottas that heightens the color of the flowers leaves, and shadows they throw.

The flowers and new leaves on trees enjoy a similar juxtaposition with the grid of the city- the windows, brickwork and geometric lines of buildings- like an organic melody against the linear rhythms of the architecture. They reflect in the glass and metal of parked cars and windows and bring interesting new color notes to gray shadows and dull walls.

I also love the pairing of painted plywood boarding or the stripes of posters as a backdrop - some of the combinations remind me of kimono prints or oriental screens. The energy in the city in spring also shifts as people walk a little slower, dress a little lighter to enjoy the warmer days and start to crowd the markets and benches as they begin to linger and enjoy being outside again.

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