Blood Red

Feeling uninspired yesterday I hopped on the train to The New York Botanical Gardens and what a treat that was. I saw some intriguing things that will be fodder for a few posts but lets start with this jolt of red. I still don't generally like bright reds, but seeing these two images, a Begonia with the light behind it and a Scarlet Tassel flower or Emilia Coccinea from the Aster Family, I have a couple of revisions to this. On a cool fall day when the light is lower, seeing this color was really invigorating. I didn't like so much the placement of the begonia in a long bed, but seeing the Tassel flower against the blue green foliage- I thought how beautiful that combination was and I imagined that begonia in a blue green or celadon glazed pot having the same pleasing effect. Back in spring I really liked those dark almost black reds (with white), that I saw at Wave Hill, now these blood reds in fall are another thing to ponder on for next year.

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