Tomato Taste off

Here are the circumstances that led to the taste off. I was at the famers market and bought some Jersey tomatoes then came to a table of heirlooms all clearly marked and named- I couldn't resist - I bought a couple of Black Krims and Zebra Stripes. It would be good to remind myself of the flavor of those Black Krims and I don't remember having those zebras before- they were beautiful to look at.

Then when I went up to Mamaroneck, Heidi and I took a stroll over to look at Rick and Edie's garden. Rick and I had talked about his Dahlias so I was keen to see how they looked -gorgeous. Added bonus, we walked by their vegetable garden which was just full of tomatoes. So I helped myself to a couple. I've also been enjoying the Hanna's Tomato tastings series so that got the idea of a taste off started.

So I had four contestants for a taste off and the winner is hands down the Black Krim. I'm so growing that again next year. We are waiting on the Black Trifele this year and its not very prolific. Then I'm liking Rick and Edie's Tomato (no idea what it is) and I'm surprised how the Jersey tomato stands up- the timing of peak season is probably key here. The dissapointment was the Striped Zebra much in part due to reading a description in the Tomato tasting series about 'a good looking tomato that fell apart'. Don't you wish sometimes that you weren't aware of these things? But thats what this tomato did, it fell apart when I sliced it and I didn't love it so much after that.

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