Aqua Vitae

The window ledge in my bathroom has become a sort of glass and water garden. It began with a couple of succulent cuttings from an Indoor Gardening Society meeting. I never potted them, just left them in the glass container, refilling the water whenever it went down. Then a begonia bought on a whim from K Mart turned spectacularly ugly a couple of months ago. I salvaged the best part and it joined the succulents. The amazing thing is that they have lived for months like this. The Begonia has even flowered. I've since added random trimmings, there's taller stalks of Geranium and Purpleheart that you can't see in the vase on the far left. On the far right some recent clippings from the Cuban Oregano which I like to pinch evey now and then to release its lovely fragrance.

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