The Road to Winter

Things are actually looking a litte worse than this photo from a few days ago. Wind and rain have begun to strip the trees. The path in the garden courtyard of my apartment building is awash with the yellow goop of soggy gingko leaves and the stench of the last of its fruit. A host of things keep me in the city and have made the last few opportunites for gardening up in Mamaroneck to disappear and now there's really no good reason to make the trip for a while. So my sights now turn to rethinking my indoor plants as they will be my only source of 'gardening'. I expect the indoor gardening society meets will be hopping at this time of year, I know I'm looking forward to the next one. And then there's all these botanical/gardening art projects that have been started and stalled, and all the new ones that I have seeds of ideas for. The road to winter in my case leads to the garden indoors.

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