Bleak Beauty

No one transcribes the winter American landscape better than Andrew Wyeth, turning bleak winter days into beautiful, haunting visions of isolation. News of his passing today was sad to learn. I've always been fascinated by his palette. It isn't really true, winter days have more gray and blue tones. His have an eerie yellow light. It always makes me think of what someone said to me once about how the light is so much more yellow just before it snows. Tweaking this image of Hydrangeas on a snowy day in Mamroneck to emulate this palette had me ramping up the yellows and scratching out some of the color. I took a look again at one of my favorite painting of his, Trodden Weed. My homage lacks the richness of detail in that painting - all those blades of grass and also the range of contrast- that black coat.

+ Occasional Oasis:Cold Geometry

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