Spinach and Apples

So here we are deep in the dregs of winter. The weather forecast is bleak. What's good, I ask myself in a happy voice- what are you enjoying, here in this interior winter life? Well I am quite happy with my Spinach Tree. I bought it in June and its been a happy camper. Everytime I look out the window, it's leaves look vaguely tropical to me and somehow distracts from the cold temperate goings on outside. And then there's apples. Love them. I get a huge bag every week at the farmers market. Usually its Braeburns, they are my absolute favorite but I've been adding a new one called Winter Banana with an interesting flavor. This week neither were available so what you see in the picture are a combination of Mutsu, Fuji and SunCrisp. I'd not had SunCrisp before and was a little excited about the information on the crate that said that it was related to Cox's Pippin but it was dissapointing. The Fuji's were really good.

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