Border gone Wild

And in a really good way- the kind that you can only sort of plan on happening by putting certain juxtapositions of plants together and then nature does its own hocus pocus and you get a magical arrangement of color and texture that's just spellbinding in its balance and coordination. I love the dark Wiegela leaves, the long stems and fluttery petals of the Japanese Anenomes and the jade tint of the Sedum leaves. The flowers of the Bronze Fennel add a sharp citric accent. I can't wait to see what the Sedum flowers are going to do to this picture next week when they mature and turn a rosy pink.

I went to the Wave Hill gardens today and coincidentally I noticed that their Japanese Anenomes are paired with a darker wine colored sedum. The gardens of course had their fair share of magical combinations- I love the the colors of the red Penstemon and maroon leaved Perilla combined with the lime green Nicotiana or the texture of these grasses framing a colorful assortment in their Wild Garden.

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