The Year of the Sedum

A prediction- 2009 will be the year of the Sedum (and we'll throw in Sempervivums in there too). Not only is it metaphorically a plant for our times, resilient,and able to thrive in the most austere conditions it seems to jive with all the hot gardening buzzwords like green roofs and alternative lawns. If you're looking for a thrifty idea for a sunbaked windowsill or thinking about a green screen for an urban window then Sedums will most probably be part of that enterprise. And how beautiful is that Sedum wreath in the photo above? Its minimal soil needs allow for artistic manipulations too. The image is from a new book I got the chance to look at this past weekend-Gardens Private & Personal the photographer, Mick Hales will be at a Wave hill event on january 21 to talk about his work. The image on the left I took at Wave Hill- I've been taking a lot of photographs of Sedums because I have a personal Sedum project coming up- there's a small bed in Mamroneck that is destined to be devoted to this plant - a small quarter moon bed -stay tuned for this.

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