Green Lilacs

The spoils of my weekend in Mamaroneck- a bunch of cut lilac branches. They were plump buds when I brought them home. The image is from a couple of days ago and they have progressed even further, I can now see flower buds but they remain green. I went to remind myself when exactly last year it was that I discovered the lilacs at the Brooklyn Botanic. It was in May, a full two months away. How lovely to have this jump start. I haven't had the greatest success with cut spring branches, they sputter out without looking anything like the beautiful displays I catch glimpses of in the many Manhattan restaurant interiors that have them at this time of year. I know this is my fault, so I put in a little more effort this time. I googled, pounded the stems, changed the water after three days. Lets see if my green lilacs turn red white or blue.

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